Urban Outfitters Summer Walker - Still Over It LP- taille: ALL

Following Summer Walker's 2019 album release Over It, Still Over It is the R&B; star's long-awaited sophomore album. Released to critical acclaim, this 19-track album includes all-star features from the likes of Cardi B, SZA and Pharell Williams. Interscope; 2021. Tracklisting 1. Bitter [Narration By Cardi B] 2. Ex For A Reason 3. No Love 4. Throw It Away 5. Reciprocate 6. You Don't Know Me 7. Circus 8. Insane 9. Constant Bullshit 10. Switch A N Out 11. Unloyal 12. Closure 13. Toxic 14. Dat Righ

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