Springer True and False Recovered Memories

Beginning in the 1990s, contentious "memory wars" divided psychologists into two schools of thought: that adults' recovered memories of childhood abuse were generally true, or they not, calling theories, therapies, professi


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Lulu Publishing Services Exposing the Dangers and True Motivations of

A doctor explains why the medical system suffers from problems and reveals a new way for people to regain their health live longer.


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Simon & Schuster False Hopes

This ground breaking book by one of the nation's leading experts on medical ethics, Daniel Callahan, traces root cause of America's health care crisis not to inefficient organization or waste, but rather to society's and community'


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Praeger The Myth of Black Anti Intellectualism: A True Psychology of African

No other group of students has been more studied, misunderstood, and maligned than African American students. The racial gap between White does exist: a difference of roughly 20 percent in college graduation


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Sounds True The Only Life I Could Save

Katherine Ketcham devoted four decades to researching and writing about addiction but none of that prepared for what she would face in relationship with own son. The Only Life I Could Save is a raw moving memoir of heartbr


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SPCK Bearing False Witness

The following historical statements all appear in well established textbooks, and have become part of our common culture. Which of them would you say are true? * Catholic Church incited actively colluded in nearly two millennia of anti Sem


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McGraw Hill Education What's Your Body Telling You?: Listening To Body's

YOUR BODY IS TRYING TO TELL SOMETHINGFeeling stressed out, sick, or anxious? Not sure what your next move should be or why thinking is so cloudy? Time to get of head and into body, that brilliant veh


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WSPC Ginseng and Products 101

Choosing the herbs or herbal products that are suitable and safe for use is essential any consumer. This is especially true when it comes to Ginseng, one of most commonly used highly regarded in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


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Paul Auster True tales of American life Livre

Occasion Etat Correct Faber and Poche Structure Coopérative d\'insertion à but non lucratif.


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Psychology Press False memory Creation in Children and Adults

As one of the most hotly debated topics of past decade, false memory has attracted interest of researchers and practitioners in many of psychology's subdisciplines. Real world issues surrounding credibility of memories (particularly me


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