AVANCE Matsueku Protect Premium 6ml

Brand from Japan: AVANCE. Premium beauty essence created the voices of false eyelash users. 4 times coating ingredients 2 moisturizing ingredients, prolong life of eyelashes. How to use: Please it for clean after washing your face in morning. Apply it to base of own eyelashes, fix it a few seconds so that it can be lifted. Then entangle liquid while moving it toward tip of in small steps to left right. Be careful not to get it in eyes, apply it by


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Maybelline Lashionista Mascara 7.5ml 3 Types

Brand from United States: Maybelline. False eyelashes that can be dropped Lashionista. Anyway, it's long beautiful! It's like your own have grown. Self stand out, upwards The secret is thin fiber. It adheres thinly tightly to the as if it were impersonating eyelashes. For an looks it has Easy to paint mini brush A designed to be more compact for Japanese women. small parts of inner outer corners of eyes also reach base of eyelashes, Stretch root.


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JPS LABO Unlabel Moist Botanical Micellar Cleansing 500ml

Brand from Japan: JPS LABO. Highly moisturizing micellar cleansing. Cleansing water that keeps you moisturized removes makeup dirt just by wiping it off. Also for waterproof makeup. 85% of naturally derived ingredients. 7 kinds of fruit No need to double wash your face. false eyelashes. 8 free. How to use: Soak an appropriate amount (3 4 pushes) in cotton, blend well with foundation makeup, wipe gently without rubbing. Makeup remover is complete


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D up Secret Line Air Eyelashes 2 pairs 10 Types

Brand from Japan: D up. Soft delicate hair that is about half as thin as an extension, for a soft natural eye. It is an ultra lightweight false eyelash feels like wearing air. How to use: Remove tray glue onto the edge of your eyelashes.


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D up Brow Mix Edition Eyelash 2 pairs 5 Types

Brand from Japan: D up. False eyelashes collaborated with model Ai Maikawa. Based on the concept of cute elegant natural for adults. Produces a patchy a strong presence exquisite coloration of brown mix.


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Kanebo Tesshyu Eyelash Curler 1 set

Brand from Japan: Kanebo. It is an eyelash curler that makes it easy to use natural curls using a frame fitted to the eyelids of Japanese silicone rubber with special elasticity. How to use: Use before applying mascara or false eyelashes. Align your hold base of lightly. If gradually to in 2 to 3 times, will finish naturally.


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Kiku Masamune Sake Brewing RiceMade Cleansing Lotion 500ml

Brand from Japan: Kiku Masamune Sake Brewing. A cleansing lotion that contains beauty ingredients related to rice skin beautifying obtained lively yeast. Cleansing, face washing, keratin care, all you need. Also supports false eyelashes. An additive free formulation is gentle on the does not use oil, alcohol, parabens, fragrances, or coloring agents. Easy to wipe, fresh skin. How to use: Take an appropriate amount on cotton gently off makeup. Repeat


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Kose Softymo Clear Pro Cleansing Balm Esthetic Peeling 90g

Brand from Japan: Kose. A cleansing balm that removes dead skin cells with esthetic peeling technology. Contains micro clay to absorb sebum make your smooth. No need to wash face, it can also be used for false eyelashes. How to use: Take an appropriate amount (about 1 cup of a special spatula heap ) on a dry palm, mix well makeup like a massage. Then rinse thoroughly cold or lukewarm water.


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D up Airy Cuirl 2 pair 8 Types

Brand from Japan: D up. Light curls that last all day. Eyelashes with a Matsupa finish New false eyelashes allow you to enjoy airy light like an perm . Keep your ideal for a curly upward rise the roots. The bristles have a natural texture similar to of own eyelashes, soft shaft creates a comfortable to a modern look.


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AVANCE Matsueku Protect Mascara 6ml

Brand from Japan: AVANCE. A mascara for false eyelashes that was born the voices of eyelashes. How to use: Apply it to base of your own eyelashes, fix it so it can be lifted. Then entangle liquid while moving it toward tip of in small steps to left right.


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