Sounds True Belonging Here: A Guide for the Spiritually Sensitive Person

Profound empathy. Clear insight. A gift for healing. These are just some of the talents of spiritually sensitive personyet these apparent blessings can often become a source of loneliness, self doubt, and limitation. Belonging Here is


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Praeger The Myth of Black Anti Intellectualism: A True Psychology of African

No other group of students has been more studied, misunderstood, and maligned than African American students. The racial gap between White does exist: a difference of roughly 20 percent in college graduation


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Springer True and False Recovered Memories

Beginning in the 1990s, contentious "memory wars" divided psychologists into two schools of thought: that adults' recovered memories of childhood abuse were generally true, or they not, calling theories, therapies, professi


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Random House True Crimes

From acclaimed literary talent and New York Times bestselling author Kathryn Harrison comes a collection of provocative illuminating essays. In True Crimes, conventional ideas of love, loss, forgiveness, memory ar


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Sounds True The Integrity Advantage

Are you ready to open up to new levels of self trust and love, to get where want to go? You vowed to speak up at work, then sat silent in meeting yet again. told yourself "this time diet is


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Sounds True Radical Responsibility

What is the greatest obstacle to fulfillment, success, and happiness? "It's belief that your current situation, whatever it is, has power to determine future," teaches Fleet Maull. Before he was a revered meditation teacher, Ma


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SAGE Publications Ltd Doing Conversation, Discourse and Document Analysis

Introducing the theory and practice of conversation, discourse document analysis, this book proves how useful these methods are in addressing key questions in social sciences. A true masterclass on practical issues such as generating an ar


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Sounds True Freedom Is an Inside Job

From nationalbestselling author and humanitarian Zainab Salbi, a powerful look at what happens when we heal our shadows align with core values. "May


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Sounds True Kuan Yin

When you invoke the name of bodhisattva Kuan Yin, beloved goddess of compassion, are calling upon a powerful force to bring strength, healing, and unconditional love. With Yin: Accessing Power of Divine Feminine,


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Penn State University Press Toward a Humean True Religion

David Hume is traditionally seen as a devastating critic of religion. He is widely read as an infidel, a of the Christian faith, and an attacker of popular forms of worship. His reputation as irreligious is well forged among his readers, an


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