Palgrave Macmillan Free Speech and False

This book examines the history of legal discourse around political falsehood and its future in wake of 2012 US Supreme Court decision in *US v. Alvarez *through communication law, philosophy, theory perspect


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OUP Oxford Spectres of False Divinity

Spectres of False Divinity presents a historical and critical interpretation of Hume's rejection of the existence of a deity with moral attributes. In view, no first cause or designer responsible for ordered universe could possibly have


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Sounds True The Only Life I Could Save

Katherine Ketcham devoted four decades to researching and writing about addiction but none of that prepared for what she would face in relationship with own son. The Only Life I Could Save is a raw moving memoir of heartbr


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Penn State University Press Toward a Humean True Religion

David Hume is traditionally seen as a devastating critic of religion. He is widely read as an infidel, a of the Christian faith, and an attacker of popular forms of worship. His reputation as irreligious is well forged among his readers, an


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Kinguin The Sacred Tears TRUE Clé Steam

The Sacred Tears TRUE Clé Steam Platforme: Date de sortie: 25.09.2014 À propos du jeu THE CITY ADVENTURE IS HERE! is a doujin RPG that blends the best of JRPG genre with innovative and fun game elements, plus high quality art music in one honest to goodness gem of a game. Seil his childhood friend Seana are neophyte thieves in Thieves Guild of Genoseed City. By day they operate a private investigator agency, by night undertake mis...


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Oxford University Press Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Childhood OCD:

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) affects an estimated 2% of children in the United States and can cause considerable anxiety. is characterized by a pattern of rituals (or compulsions) obsessive thinking. Common obsessions among an


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McGraw Hill Education What's Your Body Telling You?: Listening To Body's

YOUR BODY IS TRYING TO TELL SOMETHINGFeeling stressed out, sick, or anxious? Not sure what your next move should be or why thinking is so cloudy? Time to get of head and into body, that brilliant veh


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De Gruyter True Lies Worldwide

People of all times and in cultures have produced consumed fiction in a variety of forms, not only entertainment, but also to spread knowledge, religious or political beliefs. Furthermore, has taken part in reflecting shapi


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Routledge Tough Guys and True Believers

Some men are especially difficult to manage in the psychotherapy room. They controlling, exploitive, rigid, aggressive, and prejudiced. In a word, they Authoritarian. This book is a guide for therapists counselors who work with these m


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Wool and the Gang Laine chunky Crazy Sexy True Blood Red 200 g

La Laine épaisse Crazy Sexy Wool True Blood Red est un fil 100 % Péruvienne à tricoter ou à crocheter. Cette laine produite de manière éthique et respectueuse de l'environnement : Elle % naturelle, renouvelable et biodégradable ! La de and the Gang, douce et résistante. aussi très facile à : Que vous soyez tricoteur débutant ou confirmé, cette de qualité permettra de créer des ouvrages stylés et tendances. pelote de de 200 g (environ


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